Disclosure Is Coming....

Free Will, the Future, and Flickers of Light from the Edges of the Universe

Throughout recorded history, philosophers of all types have pondered the question of whether or not human beings actually have any free will. Nearly every religion and philosophical tradition has explored

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Quantum Computers Ignore Cause and Effect and Could Upend Our Understanding of Time

Time is weird. It’s a concept notoriously impossible define without circular logic. The operating definition of time in physics is simply “what a clock reads.” That’s it. Yet, we have

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17.19 – MU Plus+ Podcast

MU Plus+ HQ: (Protected Content) MU Plus+ SQ: (Protected Content) This week we look into Schrödinger’s Bigfoot and the case for a quantum entangled sasquatch before encountering more missing person

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Quantum Entangled Drumheads Show “Spooky Action” on the Macro Scale

Good old quantum physics, probably the most misinterpreted field of scientific research and, at the same time, the strangest and most mysterious. Strange quantum phenomena (like these) seem like magic

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