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Anunnaki Message From 1958: “We are already here, among you”

Anunnaki Message From 1958: “We are already here, among you” In a 1958 issue of UFO publication “Flying Saucer Review Magazine” they published what purports to be a message from the

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SHOCK CLAIM: Aliens sent by the Devil are coming to DESTROY EARTH

ALIENS sent by the DEVIL are on their way to complete the end of the world, according to a crackpot theory from a group of militant Christians. Christians say that

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Meet the Worshipers Who Believe They’re Aliens in Human Form

An hour outside Brazil’s futuristic capital, Brasilia, lies one of the country’s spiritual capitals: Vale do Amanhecer, which translates to Sunrise Valley or Valley of the Dawn. At first sight, Sunrise Valley

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What happens to your religion if we find extraterrestrial life?

How will humankind react after astronomers hand over rock-solid scientific evidence for the existence of life beyond the Earth? No more speculating. No more wondering. The moment scientists announce this

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Pope Francis Asked ‘Would You Baptize an Alien?’ Here’s The Answer.

Forget all the arguments about evolution versus creationism and the natural versus the spiritual. Science and religion share plenty of middle ground, according to two priests who have just penned

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Greetings from the UFO zealots who say aliens created life on Earth

th more than 5.6 million articles, Wikipedia is an invaluable resource, whether you’re throwing a term paper together at the last minute or brushing up on Flash Gordon continuity as

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