Disclosure Is Coming....

Beast of Bodmin? Anomalous Big Cat Reportedly Attacks Man in England

The mystery of Great Britain’s anomalous big cats deepened this month with a terrifying report out of Porthleven in Cornwall, England. Matthew Wild told Cornwall Live he was visiting his

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A 30th Anniversary of Monstrous Terror

Rhayader is the oldest town in mid-Wales. Its origins date back more than 5,000 years, and specifically to Neolithic times. Rhayader’s long legacy is also evidenced by the fact that,

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Mythical Blue Mountain Panther Reported Again in Australia

“I don’t care if you believe or not. We have seen it … This is a famous story that has haunted Sydney for years about the mysterious black panther of

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Mysterious Big Cat Spotted in Pennsylvania

They’re panicking in PA and screaming in Scranton as reports and photos are coming in of what appears to be a big cat roaming through neighborhoods more used to seeing

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