Disclosure Is Coming....

10-Day Alien Abductee is Telling His Story Again

“Perhaps an even bigger surprise was, with the exception of a few, the more I tried to share this information the harder my life became. I was ostracised by people

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World’s Most Famous Alien Abductee Consulted on New UFO Movie “Beyond the Sky”

The world’s most famous alien abductee, Travis Walton, worked recently as a consultant on a new sci-fi thriller due for release in September this year. According to Variety, the movie,

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Alien Abductee Running for Office is Endorsed by Major Newspaper

We live in an era where it seems that nothing a politician says or does has a predictable effect on his or her campaign, electability, poll numbers or performance in

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UFO Sightings are Up in Chile, Down in the U.S.

If you want to see a UFO, where’s the best place in the world to go? If you want to not just see a UFO but be seen by one

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17.19 – MU Plus+ Podcast

MU Plus+ HQ: (Protected Content) MU Plus+ SQ: (Protected Content) This week we look into Schrödinger’s Bigfoot and the case for a quantum entangled sasquatch before encountering more missing person

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