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Ask NASA! What it is? A giant UFO flies past our solar system! July 2020

A giant unidentified object appears at the end of June and flies through the entire solar system away from the planets of the solar system. The object is moving at

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Was A Metallic UFO Seen Over Greensboro North Carolina?

Source: UFO – the awareness of humanity Loading…

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Puzzling Archaeology Discoveries That Are Still Causing Historians Consternation

Many bizarre mysteries exist in the ancient world, from precision stonework to massive megaliths. It is centuries since these civilizations were busy making wonderous creations and yet, many of their

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Ancient Artefacts from Around The World with Klaus Dona

There are in some cases discoveries made of strange artefacts that seemingly defy rational explanation, such as an artificial stone that was not made by any normal process. The vivid

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Scientific Research into Multiple Realities and its Intelligent Mechanism

Scientists have now confirmed that we live in a world of mutiple realities and within our own reality we are extremely limited to the world around us only being away

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Could The Bosnian Pyramid Really Be The Largest In The World?

At first scholars scoffed at the idea of such an ancient construction in the Bosnian region, however, after a considerable amount of political red tape, scholars are starting to recognize

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