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Case File Status: Likely Hoax (See Video, and Additional Information Below)

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On June 13, 2021, a photo (which led to more) was posted on the social media network called Reddit, and the /r/UFOs ‘subreddit.’

The Black Vault reached out to the ‘witness’ who posted it, and began a deep dive into the origin of where they came from, and attempted to piece together the full story.

What resulted was a bit of a rabbit hole, with no definitive conclusion, but concerns arose. Although leaning towards a hoax, there are certain characteristics about the case that do not reflect past proven hoaxes elsewhere. However, there are multiple technological issues that remain unaddressed.

Are these explainable and this is new evidence? Or is the “witness” nothing but a hoaxer? Hear from the witness himself in a recorded interview, and see some of the concerns. In the end, YOU decide what it may mean.

Stay tuned… you’re about to journey BEYOND The Black Vault.

NOTE: I feel I may be a bit more neutral than is warranted on this. However, my overall point is to show the research. In addition, I truly don’t feel everything simply just lies. There is evidence that this points to a hoax, yet, the witness himself seemed to want to help on what I was asking. In addition, he did not offer up much of what was found here. So, if it was hoaxed, he had a LOT of assumptions on how people would approach investigating it, and if he had the skills to hoax it all; he also made some very careless mistakes that a seasoned/capable hoaxer likely wouldn’t make. All part of the plan? Evidence that it’s real? Again, I leave it to you.

Additional Information

.zip File

[ .zip file of ALL photographs released by the witness – metadata attached ]

Photo Gallery

Note: In my video above, I felt a made an error with outline/positioning of the photographs. When making this table array, I realized I did not make a mistake, rather, the metadata is reversed.

In CAM01877.jpg, the metadata states the photo was taken at 8:26pm. The “identical” photo labeled as CAM01878.jpg which did not have the lens flares, was taken at 8:25pm, one minute earlier. Sequentially in the file naming structure vs. the time stamps; they are reversed. The camera would have named the 8:25pm photo as *1877 and the 8:26pm photo as *1878. I feel that may be the deciding factor in labeling this a hoax. However, I opted not to record the entire video again, but rather, post this addendum and show you all the evidence as complete as I could make it.

Metadata Breakdowns

Another complete red flag is the fact that the photograph dimensions for all photos was 960×720, taken by a LG LDC-F20. However, the LDC-F20 shot a resolution of 640×480. A special thanks to Mick West for notating that discrepancy.

Here is proof of the tech specs behind the LDC-F20, as taken from the Digital Camera Museum.


Source: The Black Vault Case Files


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