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Navy UFO Videos Debunked, Mick West on Cuomo 5-21-21
skeptic these days, appeared on Cuomo Prime Time Friday night (5-21-21). (See
video below).

The discussion was the latest segment of an ad hoc series of programs dedicated
to the current brouhaha surrounding recent military (Navy) UFO sightings and
upcoming congressional report. Days earlier Cuomo hosted Sean Cahil, retired US
Navy Chief Master-at-Arms, and Christopher Mellon, former Deputy Assistant
Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, both familiar names in current day
Ufology. (See video below)

In fairness, and to his credit—Chris Cuomo offered up counter arguments to the
claim of extraordinary, unidentified airborne vehicles (UFOs) by way of Mick
West. The first bone of contention was the video of “pyramid shaped” UFO filmed
by personnel from the USS Russell, part of the Navy Strike Group 9 while on
maneuvers off the coast of San Diego in July of 2019. West presented a very
sober, cogent, logical theorem supported by ancillary evidence arguing that the
image(s) were nothing more than the result of a camera/lens aberration.
Moreover, and in staying in the lines of scientific method—he was able to
replicate the “lens effect” known as Bokeh (pronounced Bokee).

The other Navy videos reviewed were what is known as The Gimbal and the
Go-Fast respectively. Again, West methodically presented prosaic
explanations for each. Cuomo countered by asking, “And the military wouldn’t be
sophisticated enough to know about this potential issue[s]?”

West responded:

“Oh, I think that the military certainly is, but I think what’s
going on here is perhaps this UAP task force that’s leaking these things out,
perhaps doesn’t have a lot of people on board and somehow has become convinced
that this was maybe at some at point unidentified. The thing is we don’t know
any context of this video; we know very little about what the provenance of it
is and what people are actually claiming about it other than the people or UFO
promotors that have released it.”

Cuomo ended the segment by asking West, “are you open to the concerns of some of
the military intel people that there are things out there they can’t explain?”
West replied in the affirmative and expressed his concern over the matter and
agreed that these incidents should be investigated (common ground between a
skeptic and UFO mavens); however, he reiterated that the videos in question are not
of something amazing and can all be attributed to mundane explanations.

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