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Mystery Creature photographed in a Cave by 7 Year Old Girl

#unexplained #cave Visiting Carlsbad Caverns In 1966, 7 year old Celia Barton said something was ‘grabbing at her’ as she followed her parents while strolling down to the Cavern’s Big

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History-Changing Discovery of Funerary Temple of Egyptian Queen and Dozens of Mummies

It seems one can’t throw a stone or a dried camel turd in Egypt without hitting an ancient tomb with coffins and sarcophagi dating back to the pharaohs, but hitting

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Why We Don’t Get to See the Really Good UFO Documents

Now and again I get asked about “missing government files” (or “hidden files”) on UFOs. It’s an issue that a lot of people don’t seem to understand – and it’s

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A Famous Harvard Professor Says an Extraterrestrial Visited in 2017, and We Can Expect More

When the first sight of intelligent alien life visits Earth from space, it won’t be a massive saucer hovering over New York. The chair of Harvard’s Department of Astronomy favors

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Thinking Beans, Mysterious Rumblings, Carnivorous Sponges and More Mysterious News Briefly — January 18, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — January 18, 2021 Before you dig into that casserole, consider the findings of a new study by Spain’s the University of Murcia which found that climbing

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The Strange Tale of the Wizard of Japan

Back through Japanese history one can find many tales and stories of mysterious individuals similar to wizards or sorcerers in the West, and among these the most well-known are what

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