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After the Pentagon admitted UFOs are real, Hollywood is making a flurry of films and television shows on how we should look at them.

Talking about UFOs is no longer weird, with former Blink-182 singer getting the American military to admit that it has UFO sighting videos.

Movies such as Close Encounters of the
Third Kind, Arrival, and even Avengers are depicting UFOs with aliens who have
come to Earth, which have had viewers from different parts of the world
discussing more on the existence of extraterrestrials. However, today, there’s
an increased focus on UFO researchers in Hollywood.

According to media critic and author Robbie
Graham, the resurgence in popularity in aliens and UFOs is a direct result of
the Pentagon revelations in 2017, which captured the attention of the press
like there’s no UFO story in decades. Graham explained that the Pentagon UFO
revelations helped legitimize UFOs as a topic of mainstream debate and opened
up fresh political and scientific lines of inquiry for TV producers who are
always searching for new approaches to this increasingly popular subject.

Irish actor Aiden Gillen, best known as
Littlefinger in HBO’s Game of Thrones, said that people are more open to
considering UFO sightings as a real event as opposed to just psychology.
Gillen, who currently plays Dr. J. Allen Hynek in History Channel’s Project
Blue Book, said that humans are naturally curious about UFOs and what’s up
there. He added that talking about UFOs is no longer taboo and UFO topics are
selling like never before as they are hot property on TV and everybody wants to
stake a claim.

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