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After September’s plan to storm America’s Area 51 was a bust with only around 150 people showing up, Australia is having its own “storm” events this week.

In the middle of the Australian outback sits a top-secret base in Pine Gap which is near Alice Springs and is used to collect military information as well as to conduct intelligence tasks.

There are actually two events that have been posted to Facebook regarding the “storm” events in Australia. The first one is titled “STORM AREA 51 Australian edition” and is scheduled for November 27th. The second one is called “Storm Pine gap aka Australian Area 51” and that event is scheduled to take place on November 30th. Between both events, over 300 people have pledged to show up to “storm” the base.

Base in Pine Gap

The “Storm Pine gap aka Australian Area 51” page has a pretty straightforward description that reads in part, “Don’t worry my fellow Australians, you don’t need to travel to Nevada cause we actually have our own Area 51! It’s the same as in America, the government is hiding sh** from us. We need to rescue the aliens!!!”

Considering that the Storm Area 51 event in Nevada initially had over a million people who said they were going, Australia’s event so far has only a few hundred people, but authorities are still taking it seriously.

Northern Territory MLA Gerry Wood stated that alien enthusiasts will be quite disappointed when/if they show up to the base as there isn’t anything extraterrestrial there. “Alice Spring would be an uncomfortable place for aliens to be, it’s too hot,” he told NT News, adding, “You’ll also get in trouble if you storm that place, it’s a secure site.”

Base in Pine Gap

In reference to Americans who are determined to find proof of extraterrestrials, Wood said, “I don’t think the Americans are worried about finding aliens. I think they’d be more worried about China and the Middle East.” I seem to remember more than a million people who were planning on storming Nevada’s Area 51 before the event was officially cancelled, so I’d say that there is much interest and determination to find aliens.

Since both events in Australia are scheduled to happen this week, we’ll find out shortly how many people show up to Pine Gap in order to storm the base. Several more pictures of “Australia’s Area 51” can be seen here.

Source: Mysterious Universe


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